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Oroeco Review - Will This App Stop Climate Change?

What is Oroeco?

Oroeco is an app on Android and iOS that aims to make people aware of their carbon footprints and discover ways to reduce them. They even tell you how much money you save by switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. I tried Oroeco to see if it is actually “A fun, easy, and rewarding way for everyone to help solve climate change" and created a review with my opinions.


First, I signed in with my email and created my password. I clicked the button to sign up, but it took a long time to load. After about two minutes of loading, I received a popup that said “Unable to connect to Oroeco.” We’re off to a good start. I then went to “sign-in” instead of sign up and entered my newly created account and password. Voila! Bingo! 

I decided to start by taking their “Climate Impacts Survey.”  After a lot of estimating, (I’m fourteen! I don’t know much natural gas my house uses!) I received my results, and I wasn’t pleased to find out how much CO2 my family emits. After I took the survey, Oroeco told me, again, that it was unable to connect. Out of curiosity, I checked to see the last time the app had been updated on the Google Play Store: May 2018. I checked the reviews to see 2.3 stars. Obviously, I am not the only person having these problems.

I called it a day and reopened the app two days later. It showed me my environmental impact and ideas to reduce it such as switching to solar power, turning off the lights, and buying vintage furniture. It requested that I sign in to do more with the app, including tracking my progress in reducing my carbon footprint. I tried signing in three times, but it continued to tell me that Oroeco was experiencing unknown problems, meaning I couldn’t take advantage of all of the app’s features.

The Bottom line

If you want to know how much carbon dioxide you emit into the air and suggestions to reduce it, you may want to check out Oroeco. However, its limited functionality and insane amount of glitches call for a disappointing experience by 2020 standards. I'm not going to give a number out of ten or a star review, but I will say that Oroeco fell short of my expectations. At EarthPlex, we are searching for more apps that have innovative methods of caring for the planet.

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Download Oroeco with this link.


  1. Thank you for this review! An app to track carbon footprints is a great idea. Bummed this one didn't work!


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