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Why Ecosia Will Always be Worse Than Google

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Why Ecosia Will Always be Worse Than Google

When I search Google for "stayin alive lyrics",  the search results page shows all of the words to the song. When I make the same search on Ecosia - an environmentally friendly alternative to Google - I see a list of links. When I Googled "How Tall is Lebron James", it told me he's 6'9" before I even clicked enter. Ecosia, again, gave me a list of links. While Google provides in-your-face answers to your questions, Ecosia requires more work to find answers. This post will explore why that is.

What is Ecosia

Ecosia is a search engine with a social mission. The majority of ad revenue goes toward reforestation efforts, and Ecosia works with organizations to plant trees. The work they have been doing is remarkable, but Ecosia has an issue that won't allow it to become the greatest search engine.

Ecosia's problem

Ecosia invests more than half of its revenue into planting trees, according to its June 2021 financial report. Green investments, advertising, and taxes make up the majority of the remaining spending. That leaves little money left to improve the search engine. Google has a much larger revenue than Ecosia, and while some of it is spent on green investments, Google also puts a great deal of money toward improving the search engine. Ecosia cannot catch up, and Google can spend a smaller fraction of its revenue to make a greater environmental impact than Ecosia. When choosing a search engine, people primarily care about getting good results, and that is an area where Google will continue to outshine Ecosia. 


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