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EarthPlex is Growing! 100th Post

A message from our Founder and President:

I founded EarthPlex last May with the mission of giving teens a voice in the battle against climate change. At the time, I felt unsure whether or not EarthPlex could post consistently, but I can proudly say that we haven't missed a post. I am also grateful for all of the climate leaders that I have had the opportunity to interview.

I have been working on EarthPlex alone, but I decided to expand the team. EarthPlex is now searching for a Creative Director. The Creative Director will help EarthPlex to expand our social media presence, which will allow us to grow our platform.

Interested in becoming the Creative Director? Learn more and apply with this link!

Second announcement: we've changed our domain to and our Instagram account to @earthplex_media to reflect our growth. EarthPlex began as a blog, but it's now a platform for teens to write about the environment. We are a media organization, not a blog. 

To all EarthPlex readers, followers, and contributors, we thank you for your loyalty, and you can expect more posts in the future. We are just getting started!


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