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5 Ways to Help the Environment During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Earth and Coronavirus

5 Ways to Help the Environment During the Coronavirus Pandemic

These are strange times. It seems as if the world has paused, but it is still here and it needs your help! Even though you are only one person, your actions have a great influence on the Earth. So, what can you do to help it?

1. Do Not Hoard Items You Won’t Use

It seems there is a shortage of everything now, but treating every day like there is about to be a zombie apocalypse is nonsensical. There will be enough food to feed our mouths and enough toilet paper to wipe our tushes. Buying boxes of products you will not need to use adds to the panic and requires more manufacturing, increasing your carbon footprint. Only buy what you will use.

2. Unplug

Electronics take up electricity, obviously, so spending hour after hour on them is not shrewd if your goal is to use less energy. During a pandemic, it seems natural to waste time on Netflix and Instagram, but something has to power your device’s battery! And that something requires stealing resources from the Earth. Instead of spending every last minute of each day (What day is it today?) on screens, why not go outside and enjoy some fresh air? 

3. Recycle 

During these times, many of us are consuming a lot more groceries. A lot of these items (such as cans and plastic containers) are recyclable. Recycling is one of the classic methods of caring for the environment that we have learned for a long time. Recycling centers turn recycled materials into new items, requiring less energy to create products from scratch. If an item has a recycling symbol on it, check to see if it can be recycled in your area. 

4. Clean the Park

While some parks may be closed due to COVID-19, many of them are open. Even if your local park or trail is closed, you can pick up trash on your street or in your neighborhood. You’d be surprised to know how many people use the Earth as a giant trash can. Our planet demands a crew of garbage collectors (or recyclable collectors!), so why not lend a helping hand to the ecosystems plagued by waste?

5. Walk or bike to close places

Travel without fossil fuels

It is no secret that driving sucks for the planet. Gas pollutes and manufacturing is a whole other ballgame. For traveling short distances, there are options aside from driving. Biking and walking will take the cars off the road. And for those of you who want to be green and physically fit, this is one of the best ways.

The Bottom Line

Coronavirus changed the way we live life, but we can continue to treat our habitat with respect. COVID-19 has actually had a shocking impact on the Earth, and we explored that in our post about coronavirus's environmental impact.

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Read about the environmental impact of the coronavirus by clicking here!


  1. YES. And fine, I will stop hoarding toilet paper. KIDDING. I was not hoarding toilet paper. I did have a lot, though. But that was before Covid. It just makes sense to have toilet paper at one's home.

  2. Ha! It does make sense to have toilet paper but not too much.

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