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What Does Eco-Friendly Really Mean?

What Does Eco-Friendly Really Mean?


You hear it all the time, but what on Earth does eco-friendly mean? Well, Earth... friendly or not harmful to Earth. To understand the definition of this word and what eco-friendly products are, we have to dissect the word. Eco is a prefix that means Earth and the environment (e.g. ecosystem). And if you don’t know the meaning of friendly, perhaps you’re in the wrong place. 

Eco-friendly goods and services claim that they do not hurt our planet.


For example, biodegradable containers help our planet and have a plethora of advantages over the containers most of us currently use. Those containers are eco-friendly because using them benefits the planet. Another common example of eco-friendly equipment is solar panels. Unlike fossil fuels, they do not output harmful gas into the atmosphere. By maintaining Earth’s natural resources, solar panels are considered to be eco-friendly.

Similar Words:

Words often used in the place of eco-friendly are sustainable and green. They have subtle differences in meaning depending on who you ask, but the underlying theme is showing respect to our planet, or at least not treating it like a dump. 

Why People Love Eco-Friendly:

    Environmentally friendly (another similar term) products are on the rise. A greater amount of people want to play a role in slowing down the speed of which Earth heats. Playing a role to help the Earth is crucial in this climate crisis, which is why so many corporations market eco-friendly goods and services. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle and lowering your carbon footprint will combat climate change.
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