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Biodegradable - The Basics

Perhaps you have seen footage of bottles at the beach, oceans filled with plastic, and plastic straws in poor creatures’ mouths. Stop! Don’t make me think about that! Sorry, but every problem has a solution, and one of the clever approaches taken to combat this catastrophe (that was bad) is biodegradable plastics.


Like we did when exploring the word “eco-friendly,” we’re going to dissect the word. Bio means life (think biology or biography) and degrade is to break down.

Biodegradable items can be broken down by microorganisms. 


Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill, taking up space. If it makes its way into ecosystems, it can infect animals and destroy populations. That’s where biodegradable plastics come in. They only take a few months to decompose. They also require less energy to manufacture, using fewer greenhouse gasses. 

The Cost

Biodegradable items cost more money to manufacture, and for that reason, they are more expensive. For those who can pay the price, biodegradable is the better eco-friendly option.

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