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The Mysterious Environmental Impact of Supreme

Supreme environment impact ethical

The Mysterious Environmental Impact of Supreme

If you haven’t heard of Supreme, you may be intrigued to find out that a business with less than fifteen locations has taken the world by storm. Supreme is well placed in a market where exclusivity manipulates consumers’ decisions. They take a product, usually an article of clothing, and sell it at a marked up price. Supreme paraphernalia sells for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on the resale market. 

But when it comes to their environmental impact, much is unknown. The company is private and secretive about their emissions. The lack of transparency means that they may have unethical practices that worsen the planet. Good On You, a website that rates clothing companies based on how ethical they are, recommends avoiding them because they don’t share their production practices. 

If we were to try to estimate Supreme’s environmental impact, we would predict it to be relatively small compared to other clothing companies that receive a similar amount of media attention because they don't sell much. They have a few stores and they sell to people only at certain times. However, we cannot be sure that they are clean and ethical due to a lack of transparency. Also, we don't know how much fuel they emit per each item they sell, so while their overall impact may be smaller than brands like Adidas, there's a possibility that every item uses twice the fuel to produce.

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