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Electric Scooters - When to Use Them and When Not to

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Electric Scooters - When to Use Them and When Not to

EarthPlex is guided towards teens; you must be eighteen years old to drive an electric scooter. However, electric scooters captivate me and maybe they interest you too. If they do, this is the write place to be (virtually speaking), and if you’re not old enough to drive an electric scooter, share this with somebody who is!

Electric scooters seem like an ethical and eco-friendly method of navigating cities; you’ve likely seen them before. Because they require resources to manufacture and use electricity to charge, electric scooters are not always the most sustainable way to get around. Here’s when you should - and when you shouldn’t - use an electric scooter. 

Use them if you would have…


car environment electric scooter transportation

Driving a car requires fossil fuel emissions, and electric cars use more electricity than electric scooters. Electric scooters don’t emit fossil fuels while used, and therefore are more environmentally friendly than driving a car.

Don’t use them if you would have…

Ridden the train

train environment electric scooter

Trains pack hundreds of riders into one machine. The riders have a small impact because the emissions from a train is for the number of total passengers and the train doesn’t use more fuels for each individual. Electric scooters can only fit one person and they aren’t as efficient as trains.

Ridden the bus

Bus environment electric scooter

Just like trains, buses seat many people and are more efficient than electric scooters.


bike electric scooter environment

Bikes don’t use any electricity. The only negative environmental impact caused by a bike is the manufacturing process, but once manufactured, you can go anywhere with a minimal carbon footprint.


walking environment electric scooter e-scooter

Walking doesn’t need fossil fuels or electricity - or a vehicle to transport you. Therefore, it’s the most efficient method of moving from one place in the city to another.


Even though electric scooters are marketed as a sustainable way to travel, there are better options such as public transportation, biking, or walking. If you feel that scooting is the best option for you, scoot, but it’s important to be educated on alternatives.

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