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Climate Blogger Reviews the Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger Review

EarthPlex has extensively discussed the Beyond Burger. We reviewed it and we analyzed its environmental impact. Now it’s Impossible’s turn. In this post, I will discuss my experience with the Impossible Burger in terms of taste. Stay tuned for future posts; we’ll compare it to the Beyond Burger and look into its environmental impact. (Get notified upon their releases with our [FREE] mailing list.) 

Disclaimer: As I mentioned in my Beyond Burger Review, I’m not a food critic, and my culinary knowledge is quite limited. In case you’re new to EarthPlex, we’re the climate platform for teens that discusses environmental topics. I tried an Impossible Whopper and a burger made from Impossible “ground beef” with some added bread, an egg, ketchup, mustard, garlic powder, and pepper.


Before I get to the taste, let’s discuss the Impossible Burger’s appearance. It looked almost precisely like a burger to me, and somebody could have told me it was real and duped me into having this. 


The Impossible Burger tastes like a burger as well. It tasted great and satiated my hunger. You’ve probably heard about its “magical” bleed if you’ve read any other reviews. I expected it to explode in my mouth like I read all over the internet. But what do I know? 

The Impossible Burger was heavy and tasted meaty, making this burger a sustainable treat (or meal) to satisfy your cravings. 

The Bottom Line

I should probably stick to reviewing Instagram posts, apps, books, and YouTube videos, and we have more of those on their way, but it’s nice to take another perspective and dig into solutions for one of man’s biggest contributors to our climate crisis.

We have an upcoming post about Impossible Foods’ Environmental Impact. Get notified when it’s released with our (FREE) mailing list.


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