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Responding to UN Climate Change Instagram Posts

Responding to UN Climate Change Instagram Posts

This work appears in an official document of the United Nations published in the United States prior to 17 September 1987

“The mission and work of the United Nations are guided by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter,” The United Nations says on their website. They also have a popular Instagram page; in this post we will respond to posts on their climate change account, as this is a climate blog.

“62% of European citizens would support a ban on short-distance flights to fight climate change.”

Airplanes have a detrimental effect on our climate. They are the most convenient way of travel for long-distance flights, but unnecessary for short distance. Instead, governments should improve funding for efficient public transportation such as trains and buses.

“‘What We’ve Seen Through This Pandemic Is That the Environment, When It Is Given a Chance, Will Clean Itself Up.’ Inger Anderson”

Nature has rebounded at an incredible rate during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve discussed the environmental impact of COVID-19 and you can read about it by clicking here. When the economy shut down, ecosystems improved. It’s our species’ responsibility to allow nature to rebound at the same time as the economy advances.

“(Sydney, Australia is) 100% powered by renewable energy.”

Sydney has led the world and will set an example of what a clean city looks like. Running on clean energy will help prevent climate catastrophes as Australia faces natural disasters such as wildfires. Hopefully, other cities, and even countries, will follow Sydney’s example.

“Misinformation is dangerous

Take care before you share”

At EarthPlex, we strive to keep our information accurate. We cite our sources from each site we learn information from that we use to teach our readers. If you see any misinformation, contact us by clicking this link



Many studies regarding climate change discuss the potential devastation we could see in the future. The effects of climate change will get worse, yes, but we have already witnessed oceans devouring land and even climate-related casualties. Change starts now.

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