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We Need Trees

we need trees

Trees - we need them. Yes, we need trees. You probably know that they're important, but you may not know why. It's a known fact that they provide shade and oxygen, but do you know that trees can also help heal diseases? 

Trees are crucial in slowing down or even stopping climate change. Yet, we cut them down by the masses. Tentree claims that we lose 10 billion trees each year, and at this rate, all of the trees will be gone in three centuries. Why would we chop down trees if they do so much for us? Industry.

In the short term, cutting down trees seems like the way to go. In the long-term, however, cutting down trees will destroy the planet and the economy. 

    Trees are not a long-term money maker. People depend on trees, so it would be catastrophic if none remained. Trees have numerous benefits that most of us wouldn’t think of. TreePeople has a great page on why we need trees, listing 22 benefits. Here are a few key benefits.

They save energy

Trees save energy light bulb

In the summer, trees provide shade, cooling the areas they cover. As an effect, homes don’t need to cool as much as they would without trees, saving energy. As a bonus, they lower cooling bills and save money. 

They provide food

fruit trees provide food

We need food to live. The more you know ⭐ Trees provide healthy foods (Think apples and oranges!) to nourish people of all ages.

They protect us from skin cancer

trees protect from sun holding hands

Staying outside in the sun is unhealthy, even though it can give a good tan. Because they provide shade, trees are an efficient shield against skin cancer, the most common cancer in the world.

They house animals and ecosystems

trees house animals forest ecosystems need trees

We need trees and so do other living things. They provide a habitat to billions of plants and animals. If forests disappeared, animals would be stripped of their homes and millions would die.

They increase property values

trees increase property values

With health benefits linked to living near nature, most people are willing to pay the extra cash to feel like they’re living in the middle of a forest. Not only do trees improve the Earth, planting them serves as a prudent investment.

Trees do so much more for us, and if I were to explain all of the reasons we need trees, I would have to write a novel. The next time you see a tree, think about all that it does for you.

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