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Your Guide to Sustainable Driving

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Your Guide to Sustainable Driving 

It’s no secret that driving wastes gas and resources. Ideally, everybody would be using public transportation, but if I’ve learned anything in my lifetime, this is not an ideal world and that’s easier said than done. For those of you who want an eco-friendly car, this is your guide to sustainable driving.

Little Cars

Cars need a lot of energy to assemble. Smaller cars require fewer resources to manufacture and their production process is more sustainable. In addition, smaller cars require less fuel to power, so they’re sustainable on the road as well. SUVs have taken off in recent years, but if you don’t need to carpool (Carpooling is a method of sustainable transportation that deserves a post of its own. Get notified when we post about topics such as carpooling with our [FREE] mailing list.) an entire family, consider going smaller. Recently, I explored the impact minimalism has on the environment. Minimalists have a motto that fits well into this topic: “less is more.” 

Hybrids and Electric Cars

Hybrids run on both gas and electricity, hence hybrid. Electric cars run on electricity entirely. Because electric and hybrid cars don’t need to emit the same quantity of greenhouse gases as a gasoline car, they are better for the environment with electric cars being the best. Preferably, people would charge their cars with energy that comes from renewable and clean sources. Electric and hybrid cars often cost more, but if you need a car and are able to afford one, it’s a worthwhile purchase. 

New vs Used Cars

This is a tough comparison. On one end, new cars are more fuel efficient and, therefore, use less gas and need fewer parts replaced. On the other end, used cars have already been manufactured and decrease the demand for manufacturing. Thinking about the three r's, used cars reuse automobiles and parts that were once new, while new cars reduce the amount of new parts and fuels needed for driving.

The Bottom Line

By driving a car that uses less fuel, you are playing a role in combating climate change. I hope this sustainable driving guide will incentivise you to live a cleaner life, and If you’re not old enough or able to drive, share this with people who are. 

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