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Beyond Meat's Middle School Course on Sustainability

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My Thoughts: Beyond Meat's Middle School Course on Sustainability 

EarthPlex has covered Beyond Meat a few times now, and I didn't think there would be anything else to say. If that were the case, though, you wouldn't be reading this, because breaking news has emerged regarding Beyond Meat. With the education company, Everfi, Beyond will launch a sustainable education course for middle schoolers.
Everfi's website says that the program, titled Sustainability Foundations: Plants, Animals and Our World will launch in October for the upcoming school year. The course will be offered free of cost (speaking of priceless value for free, you can join our mailing list and get notified whenever we release a post for free), so I may try it out in October because this is a low budget blog. 
Can an online course on sustainability really make an impact on the environment as a whole? If you've read EarthPlex's post about why schools should teach climate change, you probably understand the importance of climate education. Kids are the future, which sounds weird to say coming from a high school freshman, but it's true. If this course succeeds in teaching middle schoolers to stand up for the planet, we could be looking at a bright future.

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