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A Scavenger Hunt During Quarantine

A Scavenger Hunt During Quarantine

August 1 kicked off the 2020 GISH scavenger hunt. Many teams will compete to win it. So, what is GISH? Founded by Misha Collins from Supernatural, GISH is an online scavenger hunt that causes unreasonable pain and suffering. I signed up for it with my family a few weeks ago, and believe me, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Challenges include getting members of Congress to play at a park (Congressional Recess) and creating a bicycle-powered toothbrush. 

My team, called MostlyCousins, is competing against hundreds of other teams to claim the title of top GISHers. For bored people of all ages, GISH is a fabulous way to spend quarantine; it’s taken my mind off of my stresses, and now I’m determined to win this hunt!

What does GISH have to do with the environment? The challenges in the scavenger hunt “focus on tackling some of the world’s social problems,” they say on their website. Some of the challenges encourage voting, one of the most effective ways to use your voice against climate change. There are also challenges directly related to the environment.

One of them is creating a prototype for a green form of transportation. Transportation has a significant impact, and we discussed it in posts about driving sustainably and when to use electric scooters. Due to my lack of creative ability, I will be leaving that challenge to somebody else.

Bringing people together to support good causes improves the world because people collaborate to solve problems.

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