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The Miracle Meat for the Environment

The Miracle Meat for the Environment

Over the years, studies have come out about health issues attached to red meat. Some weeks it will cause cancer, and others, it’s not as bad as people had thought. I, personally, would like to limit my intake of food that has the potential to cause severe problems in my future. That’s excluding the fact that beef is killing the planet (this is an environmental blog; we had to mention the planet!) and cows are treated like slaves. 

I Googled the primary nutrients in red meat and searched for other foods with the same nutrients. Most of the nutrients can be found in one other meat: fish.

Not all people consider fish a meat, but it’s certainly a food that comes from animals, so we choose to call it a type of meat.

Fish have a lot of health benefits and contain a plethora of nutrients, such as Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies even suggest that a fish-heavy diet can improve lifespans. So, why is fish the “miracle meat?” Here’s a hint: we’re a climate and environmental blog. 

Yes, fish have a smaller environmental impact than meat. Cows must be fed, and a large amount of Earth’s land and food supply goes to feeding cows.

We’ve talked about replacements for red meat a ton on this blog. We’ve looked into the Beyond and Impossible Burgers. We’ve even discussed Burger King’s Whoppers that’ll be made with cows that fart and burp less. However, these are meant to mimic the taste of beef, and in the Whopper’s case, still are red meat.

Fish is a whole different ball game. It shares nutrition with meat from cows but has a very different taste. I’ve been trying different types of fish lately, and admittedly, some of them don’t taste very good. (I’m a picky eater, so tilapia may actually taste delicious.) 

I encourage you - yes you - to replace one beef meal with fish. The health benefits and lower carbon footprint will make you feel good about yourself if you’re anything like me.

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