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Silk Oat Yeah Milk Review

Silk Oat Yeah Review plant milk

Silk Oat Yeah Review 

Recently, I tried Silk's Oat Yeah milk. Oat milk is more eco-friendly than cows' milk and more sustainable than even most plant-based milks. I tried Silk's take on it, and it didn't taste as I had expected it to. Let me explain:
Disclaimer: As I mentioned in my reviews of the Beyond and Impossible Burgers, I’m not a food critic, and my culinary knowledge is quite limited. In case you’re new to EarthPlex, we’re a blog and platform for teens that discusses environmental topics. Also, I had the zero sugar kind, which has a green container.


I don't know why, but I've been starting my reviews with the appearance. That's important with milk because cows' milk has a white hue. The oat milk, in contrast, was off-white. I've been drinking a lot of soy milk recently (get notified when EarthPlex reviews Silk's soy milk with our [FREE] mailing list), and they share similar colors. Consumers shouldn't need to worry about the way it looks because taste is of utmost importance.


If you're looking for a milk that will taste precisely like milk from cows, Silk Oat Yeah isn't for you. At first, it tasted fairly normal, but the taste of oats stuck out soon after. I didn't like the oat flavor the milk had; however, I couldn't pick up the taste in my fruit smoothies. It tasted like cows' milk in them. 

Ever again?

I will probably not have Silk Oat Yeah again due to the peculiar taste. I may try other brands of oat milk, such as Oatly, to see if they taste better, but I'll set my expectations low.
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