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The Most Sustainable Transportation for Students

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The Most Sustainable Transportation for Students 

It's back to school season, and we're kicking off a school year like no other. Many schools, including mine, will begin the year remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. We explored the environmental impact of working from home in our post about Zoom

For those of you who have or eventually will return to school, you might be considering how you will get to school. If you can drive, there's a good chance you're considering commuting by car; if you live near your school, walking or biking appear to be the most convenient option. So, how should you get to school?

    Don't drive

A lot of kids drive or get driven to school, but as we examined in our post about if electric scooters are sustainable, cars are one of the worst methods of transportation for the environment. Each individual vehicle spews out fossil fuels, and they only carry a few people. Public transportation (which we're about to explore) differs from cars because each vehicle holds dozens of passengers, and it emits less fossil  fuel per capita. If driving is the only way you can get to school, don't fret. We have an entire post about how to drive sustainably that you can read by clicking here.

    If you live near the school 

If you're walking distance to your school, you should probably walk or bike. Neither of them use gas nor pollute the atmosphere. They're also good exercise, so they benefit you and the planet.

    The best for most students 

If you don't live close to your school, the best mode of transportation is public transportation. In other words, taking the bus or riding the train. Buses and trains pack many people into one vehicle that would be traveling anyway, so by taking a bus or a train, you're keeping your carbon footprint low.

    The bottom line

If you can't walk or bike, take the bus or a train to school. Driving is one of the worst ways to commute environmentally speaking, but if that's the only option you have, use the tips we mentioned in our guide to sustainable driving.
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