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The Face Mask Pollution Problem

 The Face Mask Pollution Problem 

I read an Instagram post from 4ocean‌ earlier today. It detailed the PPE masks that are being found in oceans during the coronavirus pandemic. I highly request reading it and following EarthPlex on Instagram with this link. With millions of tons of plastic finding their way into the ocean every year, face masks disrupting aquatic ecosystems is a fatal problem that is masked (pun intended) by the severity of this pandemic. This problem doesn’t have to be as extreme as it’s been, for there is a simple solution to this catastrophe: reusable masks.

I don’t have to go into much detail regarding the advantages of wearing a reusable mask. Consumers can only buy one or two masks that will last as long, or longer, than a box of conventional face masks. A reusable mask requires more resources to manufacture than an individual one-time use mask, but in the long term, they’re a much wiser option.

I’ve been using a reusable mask for the majority of the pandemic, and I must say, it’s better than a one-time use mask in quite a few ways. It looks better (Mine is plain black, but there are multiple options for visually expressive individuals.), it’s more comfortable (Ii’s made from cotton), and it’s machine washable (I’ve had my mask washed a few times now, and it’s almost as comfortable as it was when I first wore it.) I highly suggest buying reusable face masks if you’re in the market. 

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