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Why Schools Should Teach Climate Change

Schools teach climate change

 Why Schools Should Teach Climate Change 

Climate change has become one of humanity's most important issues. Sea levels are rising and forests are on fire. It seems that most adults haven't done their part to help the planet, so solving climate change will be left to Gen Z. As a Zoomer myself, I worry that my peers and I haven't been taught the skills and information required to fix the messed up world that was given to us. If kids and teens were to learn about environmental issues in-depth, it would have to be at school. That got me wondering: Should schools teach climate change?
Recently, New Jersey became the first state to include climate education in its K-12 curriculum. This could potentially change the United States' response to the climate crisis. This is only a start though, considering New Jersey's population is only 8.9 million of the country's total 328.2 million people, according to the United States Census Bureau. The greatest effect this decision has on the planet is the rest of the states in the USA following New Jersey's lead along with more cities and countries. 
At my school in Pennsylvania, we learn Earth Science, but it's centered primarily on geology. Schools should teach climate change as part of the curriculum because Gen Z is responsible for solving the greatest puzzle in history. We must prepare at an early age. 
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