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Reacting to Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic

Reacting to Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic 

When I found out that Bill Nye isn't a real scientist, I fell into a depression. Okay, maybe my reaction wasn't that extreme, but it definitely surprised me. Even though he is a science personality, he echos the concerns of the scientific community. 

I found a video called "Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye" on NatGeo's YouTube channel, and as somebody who wants to know more about climate change with an audience that wants to know more about climate change, I decided to post my reaction.

Timestamp: 0:00 - 0:30
Even though a temperature change of under 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit sounds insignificant, it has already caused the extinction of many species. We are on track to further warm the Earth which would result in catastrophe.

0:31 - 0.45
It's not a coincidence that temperatures are warmer than they have been in a very long time; climate change is caused by human activity, and as The Science Guy mentioned, the overwhelming majority of scientists agree.

00:46 - 1:12
The Industrial Revolution caused some of our civilization's greatest achievements, and it is a great thing that it happened. Bill Nye explained a few of the inventions it brought, but there are countless others. Most of our inventions were a direct result of - or were drastically changed by - the Industrial Revolution.  

As we experience the negative effects of the Industrial Revolution, it's evident that we must make change. By phasing out of emitting greenhouse gases, we can increase GDP and improve our economy.

1:12 - 2:26 
There's a lot to unpack here. Oceans cover most of the Earth, and even underwater, the effects of climate change are felt. Aquatic organisms are dying, and climate change is one of the culprits.

Groups such as 4ocean are trying to clean the oceans, but as the planet warms, the issue of plastic in our oceans will be engulfed by climate change's devasting blow to wildlife. 

2:27 - 3:13
One of the reasons the economy is better off with clean energy is the land that we will prevent from losing. If sea levels rise, Earth's most industrious cities (which tend to be in the most at-risk areas) will be underwater. Recently, we discussed the economic effects California would face if the wildfires persist.  

3:14 - 3:26
Climate change is a relatively slow process, but we already experience its side effects. 

3:27 - 4:09
We can all make a difference. Even little acts like recycling go a long way. Bill Nye said to share knowledge and climate information, and you can share this post to your friends and family to make a difference!

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