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Reacting to Climate Change Memes


Reacting to Climate Change Memes from Youth of Climate Reality 

Young people are necessary to speak out against the issues plaguing our world. Youth of Climate Reality describes itself as "a youth-led collective dedicated to fighting for climate justice and taking back our future." I decided to look through some of their Instagram posts to learn more about what they stand for and see some funny memes. 

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Update: Two of the memes have been taken down since this was posted, so I will describe them as well as I can.

A child was drowning in an ocean and cried for help. A politician was nearby, and they high-fived the child's hand instead of pulling them up out of the water.

Young activists have been striking for years, and many of them feel ignored. The politicians have the power to choose the fate of our planet, and we are yet to see a plan implemented that will drastically cut global emissions. People are feeling betrayed by their governments because the climate crisis hasn't been taken seriously. 

This meme had somebody sending a super long text message to explain how climate change, Covid-19, and racial justice are all connected.

Everything in our world is interconnected, and that includes our issues. COVID-19 is worse in predominantly black communities. Minorities will also be affected most by climate change. We have an entire post dedicated to the link between racial and environmental justice, and we have also posted a lot about the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe we would make more change in the world if we treated all three of these issues as one big issue; that is something to think about.

The world will inevitably be better if we implement solutions to climate change. The vast majority of scientists agree that climate change is an important issue that needs urgent attention. This shouldn't be such a tough issue; a climate plan could potentially increase the global GDP by trillions of dollars in the future. It is worth spending money now to create a more prosperous economy in the future.

These memes highlight the urgency of the climate crisis in a comedic way. I believe that this will make a wider audience aware of the gravity of this issue. Youth of Climate Reality posts more than just memes, so I suggest reading more of their Instagram posts.

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