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Silk Almond & Cashew Milk Review

Silk Almond & Cashew Milk, Silk Protein

 Silk Almond & Cashew Milk Review

EarthPlex has explored a variety of sustainable food alternatives. We reviewed Silk's Oat Yeah milk but it didn't taste very good. Last week, I had the chance to try Silk Almond & Cashew milk, and I was very surprised.

One of the most frequent critiques of plant-based milk is the lack of protein. Silk Almond  & Cashew milk has ten grams of pea protein per cup. That's even more protein than cows' milk! You can read more about the nutrition facts and ingredients on Silk's website


I always start my plant-based reviews with the appearance. This is probably because the products are made to look similar to an already existing product. Silk wants its Almond and Cashew milk to look like cows' milk. Just like Silk Oat Milk, it is an off-white hue that contrasts the color of cows' milk. If this is a deciding factor for you, you may not want to buy it, but for most consumers, taste is more important than appearance.


Silk Almond & Cashew milk tasted delightfully good. Even though it had no sugar, it tasted a little sweet. I like the taste far better than cows' milk. I also add milk to my smoothies, and my smoothies tasted great with the almond and cashew milk added. This is a must-try!

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