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Thoughts on the McDonald's McPlant Burger


Thoughts on the McDonald's McPlant Burger 

It's no secret that fast food companies have a history of pollution, and although they're still not particularly eco-friendly, they have put in more effort. Burger King announced that they will feed some cows a diet that will cause them to emit less methane, and many fast-food chains have some sort of plant-based meat alternative. McDonald's is late to this trend, but they announced that they will offer vegan burgers at more locations beginning 20.

The "McPlant" is McDonald's vegan burger alternative, and it's a big deal. McDonald's is the largest and most influential fast-food chain. That means that plant-based burgers will likely become more popular at burger joints; McDonald's wasn't a leader in this trend by any measure. They've been hesitant to include plant-based burgers on their menu for years, and they still haven't fully embraced it. The McPlant was unveiled alongside a McDonald's chicken sandwich, so it wasn't the headline of the event. 

Even though McDonald's isn't fully invested in going plant-based, they still moved forward and will do a better job helping animals and the planet. The fast-food behemoth still has a long way to go. They must reduce the amount of single-use non-biodegradable plastics in their locations and decrease the amount of livestock required to feed their customers. This type of change doesn't happen overnight, but McDonald's is moving in the right direction.

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Beyond Meat will supply the McPlant. Read our post analyzing Beyond Meat's environmental impact, or read our Beyond burger review!


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