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The Climate Action Necessary for 2021

Climate Action 202, protest

The Climate Action Necessary for 2021

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2020 was an insane year. In terms of climate action, a lot was accomplished, but there were many setbacks as well. I recommend reading our post about the climate change news of 2020. It outlines the progress and what still needs to be done as of the end of last year. This New Year's Day calls for a celebration; 2020 is over, but we must look ahead and continue to fight for change.

One of last year's greatest problems was wildfires. We must educate ourselves on the causes of these devastating flames. Don't be afraid to write to your elected officials if you believe an issue such as forest fires needs attention. 

2020 will go down as the year of Covid-19, and 2021 could as well. Even though emissions fell in 2020, that was largely in part due to an economic recession. We must understand that most years aren't like 2020. In the future, we cannot rely on recessions to reduce emissions. If you believe that we must continue to lower our emissions, make yourself heard. I recommend writing a post for EarthPlex. We have allowed young voices to be heard.

2021 must bring climate action on a personal and global level. We can all work together to improve the world. 

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