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Debunked: If Climate Change Is Real, Why is it Snowing?

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 Debunked: If Climate Change Is Real, Why is it Snowing?

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Winter is upon us, and it's a climate denier's favorite time of year. Climate deniers have used winter and snow as a way to "prove" that climate change is not a concern. Just watch this clip of Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe bringing a snowball to the Senate floor to make a point.

I wish climate change wasn't something to be concerned about, but the science shows that climate change is real, and it isn't appropriate for politicians to go against the scientists and experts.

Unless you live by the equator, you have probably experienced winter, a cold season that often brings snow. So, how can climate change exist if it's super cold outside? Well, two words are very important to know: weather and climate. Weather is described as the changes in our atmosphere in the short term, while climate is the changes in our atmosphere over a long period. 

A freezing day is the weather, but the temperature every winter in the last few decades is climate. A 2013 study reveals that "winter nights have warmed in all but one of the lower 48 states since 1970," according to Climate Central.

Basically, it might be cold now, but based on records taken over many years, we know that the planet is warming. We must take action to make the world a better place. Whether you want to send an email to a local elected official or write a piece that gets featured on this site, your actions play a key role in fighting the threat that we face.

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