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Meet the Young Graphic Designer Using Her Passion to Save the World

Sara Deshpande Interview

Meet the Young Graphic Designer Using Her Passion to Save the World 
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Everybody has a passion. Some people sing, and some dance. Some people use their talents for social good and to make the world a better place. EarthPlex had the opportunity to interview Sara Deshpande, a young graphic designer who uses her talents to spread climate awareness on the creative team of the Green Schools Campaign. 

What would you say you have done to spread climate awareness? 

I have participated in many climate strikes in my community and I try and educate people as much as I can about climate change. I have done some school projects about climate change and I help organizations like The Green Schools Campaign to help make a change. Throughout my life I have been aware of this growing problem so my family and I have always chosen the cleaner and safer options in everyday things like recycling, using an electric car, walking to places as much as possible, using less plastic and more paper/ biodegradable products, etc.

Could you explain your role at the Green Schools Campaign? 

I am on the creative team at GSC where we create content to spread awareness about climate change as well as our mission to transition schools to 100% clean energy. We post informational graphics as well as campaign content which tells people what we do and asks people to join the campaign! We also put out memes and repost other content from similar accounts to keep our stream interesting and interactive!

You are a talented graphic designer, and you have used your talents to help the Green Schools Campaign. Do you believe that any talent or passion can be used to improve the world?

Yes, I do believe that anyone can use their talents and passions to make the world a better place. It can be about anything you believe in or want to spread, and there will always be a way or something you can do. Whether it be educating others or promoting something! We live in such an advanced world that really anything can happen! We are able to connect from across countries and continents and do our small part in contributing to something bigger. At GSC, we have people from all over the world helping our campaign and it’s really amazing how we can all come together, bring our talents and passions to the table to fight for something we all believe in!

Why did you choose to create designs for The Green Schools Campaign? 

I have always loved creating things and making art, so when I got the opportunity to create art for something I was passionate about I was really happy and excited! I heard about GSC through a school climate action event and I decided to follow them on Instagram because I thought what they were doing was really cool! Later that week they said that they need people for their creative team and I was happy to join and start helping them expand. I think it’s really cool how GSC is a student-led organization and it shows how much of an impact young people can have.

Are you involved in any environmental efforts besides your work at the Green Schools Campaign? 

I try and educate people whenever I get the opportunity to and I am part of some environmental clubs at my school as well. I was raised to be aware of what I was wasting and how it affects the environment so my whole life really I have been looking out and trying to urge people to keep the earth clean.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

I would want people to start taking climate change as a serious threat. It is a slow but deadly process. If only people were more aware of what was happening and what simple decisions in our everyday lives could help the planet. Even small things like recycling or asking for paper bags and cups instead of plastic and styrofoam. I truly believe that these small actions could take us a long way. Start taking action for our future! Anything you do could help the outcome of our planet for future generations!!

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  1. Congratulations sara we need young people like you to make this world a better place to proud of you.

    1. Sara's doing an amazing job! It's great that she uses her talents to spread awareness of environmental issues.

  2. Very well written and well thought interview. I feel that reading this interview more young oeople will be motivated to help spread awareness to climate change

    1. Kumud, I agree with you. Young people are doing amazing things to spread climate awareness, and we encourage more people to take action!

  3. Very well said Sara! I hope more young people read this and are inspired to do their part in creating awareness about climate change and helping save the environment.

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