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Reacting to Climate Change Memes 2

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Image: A very boring meme made with Kapwing
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A couple months ago, I reacted to climate change memes posted on Youth of Climate Reality's Instagram account. Unfortunately, the account removed most of the incredible memes that I reacted to, so I left descriptions. For the second edition of climate meme reactions, I will react to memes from climatememes420 on Instagram

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Raising livestock not only kills animals but also requires tons of water and dangerous levels of carbon emissions. Plant-based meats are the clear alternative; they have lower environmental impacts, and they're healthier than real meats in some ways. We must phase meats out of our diets as plant-based alternatives become more affordable and accessable.

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Sometimes it feels as if the world is against you, but it's important to remember that standing up for what you believe makes the world a better place.

No need for climate action! This meme solves climate change! 


If you're eligible to vote, consider the candidates' environmental policies, as they affect the future of the world we live in.

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When people hear that we need to stop global temperatures increasing by a few degrees, people naturally think that it's a small amount, which it is. Unfortunately, a small increase in temperatures has massive and devastating effects. We must unite to fight the consequences of our changing climate such as natural disasters, mass extinction, and economic turmoil.

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