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Cutie Polluties: Stuffed Animals Killed by Pollution

Cutie Polluties: Stuffed Animals Killed by Pollution

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I watch a lot of YouTube, which means I watch a lot of ads. A couple days ago, an advertisement caught my eye. It was for a line of stuffed animals called Cutie Polluties. The channel's name was even weirder: Liquid Death. I knew I had to watch this video, and it was quite interesting.

The video began with a jingle that any commercial for a stuffed animal would, but the middle of the video featured a DHMIS-like turn. I obviously want a Cutie Pollutie now. According to Liquid Death, "all plastic material used on Cutie Polluties is made from either rPET (100% recycled plastic) or biodegradable plastic." I applaud them if this is true, but I don't applaud the price tag. Each Cutie costs $75, and due to EarthPlex's "fun-size" budget, we cannot order any at this time. What we can do is marvel at this genius idea that whimsically addresses plastic pollution.

If you insist on EarthPlex reviewing a Cutie Pollutie for some reason, and you want to send us one, you can contact us. However, because they are only available to pre-order, I cannot guarantee that these are legit. They say that the final dolls will ship in the spring of 2021. 

In case I ever get my hands on these cuties, I recommend following our (FREE) mailing list. 

Update: Before I released this post, YouTube took down the video because it violates their child safety policy, but it has since been readded.

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