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EarthPlex Reacts to Recyclops - The Office

 EarthPlex Reacts to Recyclops - The Office

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The Office has left Netflix and moved to Comcast's Peacock, so many viewers are upset and angry. To mourn this loss, I decided to react to Recyclops, a fictional character created by Dwight Schrute. If you're interested in watching the entire episode, it's from Shareholder Meeting (season 6 episode 11).

Note: The YouTube video that had been above this post was removed.

Recyclops's backstory

According to Jim, Recyclops began as an Earth Day tradition in which Dwight dressed up as a green cyclops who offered tips to live sustainably. After "a fictitious thing" destroyed Recyclops's planet, he turned evil and made it his mission to destroy Earth. 

This is very upsetting. Recyclops had a passion for protecting the planet, and he didn't take his planet's destruction well. Every voice in the battle against climate change is important, and the environmentalist community is sad to see him turn.


Dwight ran through the office attempting to destroy everything in his path. Let's look at some of the things he did.

Made a mess

Recyclops knocked paper all over the floor. While this action isn't necessarily bad for the Earth, it would cause wasted paper if they didn't reuse it. Paper isn't the only item he made a mess with. Recyclops knocked over the items on Erin's desk. Among these was a plant. If the plant had died in its nasty injury, climate change would worsen. Plants suck carbon dioxide out of the air which combats climate change. Fortunately, the plant looks intact later in the episode.

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Aerosol spray

Aerosol spray "freshens" rooms with toxins. I suggest reading Treehugger's article about them.

Final thoughts

Recyclops used to care about the environment, but he turned on us, the planet, and the billions of species living here. Even though Recyclops is creating "a world where you truly can be anything you want," he causes great harm. 

If you've never seen The Office, I highly recommend it. Even if you cannot watch it on Peacock, they have a YouTube channel with episode clips.

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