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How to Fight Climate Change: Understand the Opposition

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How to Fight Climate Change: Understand the Opposition 

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I wrote this after watching Trump supporters storm the Capitol Building. Most people reading this post probably understand that this is unacceptable, but obviously, many disagree. The Americans that invaded The Capitol truly believe that the 2020 election was stolen despite any evidence of widespread voter fraud. Even though this argument can be proven with facts, many arguments cannot. By that, I mean that most problems don't have a correct answer. 

For example, millions of Americans do not agree with the environmental policies of candidates in which we have endorsed, but that doesn't make them wrong. If we silence the opposition, we will not make good progress, and when they come into power, we are the ones who will be silenced.

Abraham Lincoln said, “I don't like that man. I must get to know him better.” Lincoln's presidency took place during the greatest political division in America's history, yet he is remembered as the paramount president because of his incredible empathy.

Many other youth-led climate organizations have beliefs that EarthPlex strongly disagrees with. For example, we support nuclear energy while some other organizations don't. We have an entire post dedicated to nuclear power, and we plan to create more in the future.

Many far-left climate organizations also claim that capitalism is an oppressive system even though society has become much wealthier with capitalism. Although some people get extremely wealthy, the poor have gotten richer too and have seen innovations such as Amazon and iPhones. 

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EarthPlex is an organization has those views, we accept posts from all teens interested in climate change, even if we don't support their views. As a platform, we understand that it is necessary to make every young voice heard. I highly recommend featuring your work on our website!

We will not make good progress if we ignore those who disagree with us. They are people with opinions, and nobody deserves to be dismissed.

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