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I Totally Hated That Oatly Commercial | Super Bowl LV

 I Totally Hated That Oatly Commercial | Super Bowl LV

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Super Bowl LV aired yesterday, and fans from all over the country watched the action-pact, exhilarating, entertaining... commercials. One, in particular, stood out: Oatly. Oatly is a popular Oat Milk brand that EarthPlex plans to review in the future. To get notified when we release new posts, follow our (FREE) mailing list and our social media accounts! 

The commercial featured the CEO of Oatly, Toni Petersson, singing about Oatly and that it's plant-based. The advertisement was terrible, which I think was what they were going for. Oatly now sells a T-shirt that says, "I Totally Hated That Oatly Commercial." This is a genius publicity stunt.

Cow milk requires lots of land and water, making it an unsustainable method of production. Plant-based milks don't involve animal farming, so they use fewer resources,  and therefore, are an eco-friendly alternative

EarthPlex has reviewed various plant milks in the past, and we plan to try Oatly and more!

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