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Climate Change: Economic or Social Issue?

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Climate Change: Economic or Social Issue?

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Climate change is one of the most important issues amongst Americans, especially to young citizens. The environment is one of the many key issues that people care about; other issues include welfare, racism, and healthcare. Most issues fall under one of two categories: social or economic. We will define economic issues as the issues that affect our economy and the wealth of a society. Economic issues include taxes and wealth inequality. Social issues are harder to explain. We will define them as issues that affect people in a civilization, such as racism and gender equality.

Is climate change an economic issue?

Climate change is an economic issue if it affects the economy, and it does. One way that the effects of climate change could devastate economies is through natural disasters. While climate change doesn't necessarily cause an increase in the number of natural disasters, it exacerbates them. Wildfires and hurricanes have major impacts on the economy because they cause instability. If natural disasters are common in an area, people won't feel confident doing business there. As more of our land becomes ravaged by severe weather, unemployment will rise and many of our most prosperous metropolises could become ghost towns.

Along with natural disasters, climate change could worsen crop yields; all of this will scare off investors which could lead to a decline in small businesses. It is safe to say that climate change is an economic issue.

Is climate change a social issue?

Climate change is a social issue because it affects our society, and environmental injustice leads to inequality. While wealth inequality isn't a problem, severe wealth inequality is. Sadly, that is what climate change causes. The poorest countries will be affected by climate change before most developed countries. That will and has and has already begun to cause a surge of climate refugees. Not only is wealth inequality a social issue, it is an economic issue as well, making wealth inequality yet another way that climate change will negatively impact the global economy.

Looking for more? HuffPost has an article about ways climate change is a social issue.

Final thoughts

Climate change is actually both a social and an economic issue. If we don't act now, many of the most vulnerable members of society will be further weakened. Climate change is the most important issue in the history of mankind, and we must unite to battle this crisis.

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