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The Environmental Impact of Social Media

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The Environmental Impact of Social Media

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Social media changed the way we live and transformed the twenty-first century into a time where information is at our fingertips. Today, apps like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are among the most downloaded in the world, but how exactly do these apps impact the world we live in?

The Good

Social media accounts spread awareness of climate change and environmental issues. Hundreds of accounts post frequently about the environment and how to protect it. People take their advice and live greener lives thanks to social media brands and influencers.

Additionally, messaging through social media is more efficient than snail mail because it uses no paper. 

The Bad

Social media uses servers, and those servers demand tons of energy to function. While it may seem that social media only uses your phone's electricity, it also runs on supercomputers that we do not see. We further discuss servers and their energy demands in our post about the environmental impact of Bitcoin. 

The Bottom Line

Even though social media requires great amounts of energy to operate, some accounts spread environmental awareness, which counteracts the negatives. Large organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and National Geographic along with hundreds of smaller organizations use social media to spread awareness of their causes. EarthPlex is on social media as well, and you can click here to follow us.


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