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Review | National Geographic's Recycle Roundup Game

National Geographic, Recycle Roundup, Game, Kids

 Review | National Geographic's Recycle Roundup Game

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Let's take a break from the usual posts on the EarthPlex website and discuss a game... for kids. National Geographic (NatGeo) is one of the greatest sources for environmental education. They have social media accounts showcasing Earth's beauty (be sure to follow EarthPlex on social media), a library of documentaries on Disney Plus, and a website with articles, photos, and games. I found one of their many games, and it's called Recycle Roundup


NatGeo's description of Recycle Roundup looks like this: "Help clean up the park! Your job is to sort the stuff people throw away and put it in the proper bin. Is it recycling, compost, or trash? Get facts about climate change and tips on how you can help save the earth." 

Basically, you're a monkey that has to pick up materials falling out of the sky and place them in the correct bins.


I was honestly very confused while playing Recycle Roundup. I'm not much of a gamer, and the game is probably meant to be played by younger children, so that could be it, but I had a lot of trouble picking stuff up. I tried to click the mouse as cans and envelopes fell out of the sky, but they often fell on the ground instead of in my hands; it took me a few tries to finish the game, where (I'll bravely admit) I got about 15 right and 3 wrong. Besides that, I enjoyed the game, and unlike most games of this type, it doesn't need Adobe Flash to function.

What I learned

The description said that I would get facts about climate change, but I didn't actually learn. NatGeo should have included facts about recycling and climate change throughout the game or even included information below. 

The bottom line

NatGeo's Recycle Roundup game is a fun way to learn how to recycle and compost, but the game was lacking in a few areas. I look forward to testing more of National Geographic's games for kids, and contact us or comment below if you would like to request a climate-change-related game for us to review. Interested in creating your own review? Visit our Submit a Post page to learn how to feature your work on this website!  


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