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Should You Turn on Dark Mode?

Should You Turn on Dark Mode? In recent years, dark mode has become a trend in the world of tech. Many say that it looks dope and that it saves battery life. This post explores whether or not you should turn on dark mode from an environmental perspective.  Related: Is Dark Mode Good for the Environment? What is Dark Mode? Dark mode, also known as night mode or dark theme, is when the background of an app, user interface, or website displays light-colored text or graphics on a black or dark gray background. Last July, EarthPlex transitioned to a dark mode. That means our site's background is now black, and the text in our posts is light gray. See the image above to compare dark mode (right) to a standard/light mode (left). Should you use it?  To determine whether or not you should use dark mode, we will look from an environmental lens. The answer is yes. You should use dark mode because it saves battery, which means that your device will use fewer resources, for it will not need to

You Shouldn't Feel Climate Anxiety. Here's Why.

 Why You Shouldn't Feel Climate Anxiety Teens have more anxiety these days than ever before. This is likely due to internet usage and social media . A relatively new type of anxiety has emerged in recent years: climate anxiety. However, this is not something young people should feel, and we will explore why.  What is climate anxiety? Climate anxiety is a type of anxiety related to the climate crisis. It is a concern that the world is going to end or that climate change will have massive effects on the planet. Because climate change is covered a lot on the news and is a topic of interest among young people, this anxiety is fairly common.   Why it is unnecessary If you feel this anxiety, it is important to realize that stressing out about climate change will not alleviate the threat. Climate change will undoubtedly cause changes in society, but humans are adaptive creatures. We can build structures that can withstand disasters like earthquakes and tornados, and we will likely coloni