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You Shouldn't Feel Climate Anxiety. Here's Why.

Climate anxiety

 Why You Shouldn't Feel Climate Anxiety

Teens have more anxiety these days than ever before. This is likely due to internet usage and social media. A relatively new type of anxiety has emerged in recent years: climate anxiety. However, this is not something young people should feel, and we will explore why. 

What is climate anxiety?

Climate anxiety is a type of anxiety related to the climate crisis. It is a concern that the world is going to end or that climate change will have massive effects on the planet. Because climate change is covered a lot on the news and is a topic of interest among young people, this anxiety is fairly common.  

Why it is unnecessary

If you feel this anxiety, it is important to realize that stressing out about climate change will not alleviate the threat. Climate change will undoubtedly cause changes in society, but humans are adaptive creatures. We can build structures that can withstand disasters like earthquakes and tornados, and we will likely colonize mars and celestial bodies in the upcoming centuries. Even though climate change will cost us money, our economy should continue to grow, and we'll still be able to advance as a civilization. 

What to do if you feel climate anxiety

If you feel climate anxiety, consider the points in this post. Something that can help you is making your voice heard. One way to do this is by joining or starting an environmental club at your school or in your community. Another great way to make your voice heard is by writing an EarthPlex post! EarthPlex is a platform with the mission of providing young people with a voice in the battle against climate change. Visit our "Submit a Post" page for information about creating an EarthPlex post. Seeing a therapist can also help to end your feelings of climate anxiety. 


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