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Electric Scooters vs Cars: Which is Cleaner?

Cars vs Electric Scooters

 Electric Scooters vs Cars: Which is Cleaner? 

Electric scooters, also called escooters, have mysteriously appeared in cities over the past couple of years. This has raised questions about the environmental impacts of these scooters. Should people use these scooters instead of driving? 

Gasoline cars

Cars that run on gasoline emit fossil fuels into the air, worsening the effects of climate change. If you would drive a gasoline car through the city, electric scooters are a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to get around.

Hybrid and electric cars

If you own a hybrid vehicle, it is also best to use an escooter. Hybrid cars use gas, so they are still worse for the environment than electric scooters. Electric cars do not use gas, but electricity still requires energy - and it often doesn't come from clean sources. Electric cars and electric scooters both use electricity, but because the scooters are smaller in size, they use less power; escooters are the better option even if your car is electric.

The bottom line

Electric scooters are unnecessary in many situations, but they are better for the environment than driving. If you are against navigating cities by car versus electric scooters, the scooters are the better option.  


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