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Hippeas Vegan Cheese Puffs Review

Hippeas, Vegan, Review, Cheesepuffs

 Hippeas Vegan Cheese Puffs Review

Some vegan food has slowly become indistinguishable from the meat or dairy that it tries to emulate. Even though most vegan snacks still have a ways to go before they taste perfect, some plant-based snacks taste like they are made from animal products. I had the opportunity to try Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar cheese puffs. They are a chickpea-based snack meant to taste like cheese puffs.


These cheese puffs shocked me because they tasted a lot like real cheese puffs. If I had eaten these not knowing they were vegan, I would be surprised to find out. One fundamental difference is that Hippeas are less messy than its non-vegan counterparts. When I eat snacks like Cheetos, I get Cheeto hands. I didn't have this problem with Hippeas. 

More thoughts

If you like cheesy snacks, you should absolutely try Hippeas. It tastes delicious and is better for the environment than snacks that require animals to make. Cheese production relies on cows that produce milk, and cattle digestion releases tons of methane into the atmosphere. Feeding cows also requires a lot of resources, but plant-based snacks are made out of - well -  plants, and because plants don't need to be fed as much as cows - and because they absorb carbon dioxide - Hippeas snacks are much better for the environment than non-vegan snacks.

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