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Google Maps Will Stop Showing the Fastest Route

Google Maps, Fuel Efficiency

Google Maps Will Stop Showing the Fastest Route 

Google announced that its popular GPS app would stop showing the fastest route by default, but instead show the most fuel-efficient route. This is controversial, but Google had valid reasons to do this.

The good thing about this decision is that it will protect the environment. The most fuel-efficient route uses less gas than the fastest route, and often, the most fuel-efficient is also the quickest. In addition, this will save drivers gas money.

It is fair to be critical about this change because it will slow people down, and although the most fuel-efficient route probably isn't much slower than the fastest route, people want to arrive as soon as they can, so this option may bother many users. However, users have the option to default to using the fastest route. 

Google's new change to Maps is controversial, but it could be a positive change for the planet. Google should let us know when this change occurs to be transparent with its users. 


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