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EarthPlex Mailing List Reminder


EarthPlex Mailing List Reminder

In May, we announced that our mailing list followers will no longer receive emails. After an update to our web feed management service, we reconsidered the role of the mailing list in the future. The EarthPlex mailing list played a vital role for the first year of our existence, but we feel that it will no longer be necessary.  As we mentioned in our previous update, below are the ways you can stay on top of new posts. 

Google News

Be sure to follow EarthPlex on Google News, so you can read all of our posts from the Google News App!

Instagram (@earthplex_media)

Every time EarthPlex posts, we create an Instagram post letting you know. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and turn on post notifications. Bonus: You also find out our posting schedule every Sunday!

Lastly, feel free to visit our website on Mondays and Fridays to read our posts! We release them at 11:00 a.m. ET.


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