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Easy Ways Teens Can Spread Climate Awareness on the Internet

Teens can spread environmental awareness

Easy Ways Teens Can Spread Climate Awareness on the Internet

A lot of teens feel concerned about climate change but do not know what to do. Fortunately, EarthPlex provides teens with incredible opportunities to use their voices for good. Any teen interested in spreading environmental awareness should take advantage of the following opportunities:

Write an EarthPlex post

For teens interested in writing, creating EarthPlex posts is a golden opportunity. We frequently publish new posts, and many of them are powered by a fleet of young writers who care about the planet. EarthPlex could not run without young people to write posts.

Become our Creative Director

EarthPlex has been searching for a Creative Director. We've received submissions but are still open to more submissions from tech-savvy teens. The Creative Director will create posts for our social media pages.

Spread social media awareness

Similar to becoming the Creative Director, teens can spread awareness using social media. This can be as simple as sharing Instagram posts on your story or as expressive as creating educational TikToks! 

Teens are full of potential, and it can be used toward creating a cleaner future!


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