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Thoughts on Facebook's Climate Science Information Center

Thoughts on Facebook's Climate Science Information Center

Facebook is the largest social media company in the world, so any feature added to Facebook-owned platforms can have a large effect on public opinion. I came across Facebook's Climate Science Information Center and knew it was worthy of an EarthPlex post.

How to access

Mobile app

On the Facebook app, click the menu button (three lines on the right of the navigation menu). Under See More, click Climate Science Information Center. If it cannot be found under See More, it should be one of the top boxes of the menu.

Desktop site

Accessing the Climate Science Information Center on a desktop is simple. On the left menu on the Facebook website click Climate Science Information Center. 

What it is

Facebook's Climate Science Information Center contains facts and information about the climate crisis in a user-friendly way. It dismisses myths such as the scientific community doesn't agree on what causes climate change. This is essentially a handbook with details about climate change.

Thoughts and impressions

The Climate Science Information Center helps ordinary Facebook users to easily learn about climate change. It also helps to contain the spread of misinformation. The Facebook team was right to add this because it will assist people to make informed decisions that positively affect Earth.


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