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How Google is Fighting Climate Change


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The Environmental Impact of Google

Alphabet is one of the largest internet companies in the world, so the decisions made by its executives impact every human on this planet. Fortunately, Alphabet has shown great commitment to limiting its ecological footprint. 

In case you didn't know, Alphabet is the owner of Google along with some other companies such as Nest and DeepMind. This post will focus on Google's environmental impact.

Energy investments

Google has made large investments to run on clean energy and keep its impact minimal. The company also has bold ambitions that will allow it to run on renewable energy all of the time.

Saving trees

The internet has replaced paper products such as newspapers and encyclopedias. Paper products equate to cutting down trees. Google Docs means that less paper is needed for writing and Gmail has replaced snail mail. Combined with Google's reforestation efforts, more trees exist because of Alphabet's innovations.

Final thoughts

Alphabet has improved our planet and is committed to fighting climate change. Other large companies must follow Google's example. That way, we will create a cleaner and healthier planet. 


  1. Google has also invested in renewable energy, such as windmills, and I'm sure Google recognises that no matter what they do, clean energy will ultimately overtake fossil fuels, so they might just be preparing for the long haul, which could be the most effective approach to combat climate change.


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