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The Environmental Impact of Space Travel


The Environmental Impact of Space Travel

The Environmental Impact of Space Travel

Tomorrow will be a historic day, as a Blue Origin mission will taken off into space. The crew contains Jeff Bezos and his brother, along with the oldest and youngest people to ever visit space. Jeff Bezos has voiced his concerns about climate change, but how does space travel impact the planet?


Rocket fuel is harmful to the environment, and it worsens climate change. Because rocket launches are relatively rare, they aren't a major contributor to global warming, but if they were more prevalent, they could pose a serious threat.


The production of space ships requires a lot of materials and resources. Newer rockets are reusable, which is much more efficient, as fewer resources will be wasted. 

The Good

As time passes, batteries technology will become more efficient, possibly allowing for electric space ships. Also, space travel could allow us to gather resources from asteroids and other celestial bodies which protects Earth. We didn't get to go over some of the other aspects of space travel (moon bases, colonizing Mars, etc) but you can submit your own post with that information! Visit our "Submit a Post" page to learn more! 


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