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Solarpunk: What the World will Look Like if we Beat Climate Change


Singapore Gardens, Solar Punk

Solarpunk: What the World will Look Like if we Beat Climate Change

The future. Will it be good or bad? We can never know, as it's impossible to predict. However, we can see several possibilities of our future through art. We're going to explore Solarpunk, an artform that envisions a future where we have defeated climate change and become one with nature.

What is Solarpunk?

Solar punk is a design style focused on a future with lots of greenery. The image above is a real photograph of Singapore's Gardens by the Bay. This is the greatest example of real-life Solarpunk. Most examples of Solarpunk are only renderings.
Amazon Spheres, Seattle Spheres, Solarpunk
The Amazon Spheres (pictured above) in Seattle is also an example of Solarpunk in real life. Its interior contains trees to give it a nature-like effect. 

Final Thoughts

It is cool to imagine a world where we can get rid of our environmental issues, but this requires cooperation. A few green futuristic buildings cannot put an end to the climate crisis, but Solarpunk provides inspiration of the world we will work toward. 


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