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Reminder: Wildfires Damage the Economy


Reminder: Wildfires Damage the Economy

Last September, we released a post about wildfires and their effect on the economy. As the 2021 wildfire season heads toward its climax, it's important to restate how wildfires don't just fuel climate change, they result in job loss, and they wreck industries. 

Basically, these wildfires are getting worse because of climate change. California - a state with a lot of wildfires - has a massive tourism industry, but fewer people will want to travel there during wildfire season. That could destroy small businesses that rely on tourism for revenue. 

Wildfires pose a major threat to wildlife and humans, so we must do whatever we can to prevent them. (Controlled wildfires - which are natural - could be beneficial in preventing massive wildfires)

As I wrote last September, "My heart goes out to the people who have been hurt or threatened by wildfires. You are experiencing the effects of climate change, and we must all work together to stop the frequent occurrences of extreme weather."


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