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A Teen's Guide to Understanding Climate Change


By Ayrek-Robison-Hanchett, 15

Global warming

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, the world has been getting worse. For example, the greenhouse effect is causing the ice caps to melt which is causing the oceans to rise! Little things like driving your car to work can make a big difference because if we just act like it doesn't exist, then sooner or later, we won't have an earth to call home.

Problems with the water, but why?

The use of CO2 (carbon dioxide) has made the greenhouse effect worse, and with the heat in the air, the temperatures start to rise, meaning that the ice caps are slowly melting; for instance, NASA has found that the oceans are slowly rising 8 inches every ten years and are only getting worse. 

Cities close to the sea like New York City, New York, and Jacksonville, Florida are in the most danger!

What's with all the storms?

With the earth warming, there has been an increase in evaporation. Because of this, the perfect conditions for hurricanes have been created; furthermore, we could be looking at hurricanes at least once every two months!

The increase in storms also means that certain areas will be affected more, such as the Great Salt Lake. The increase in precipitation has brought it to its lowest point yet, but other areas are also getting pounded by storms. These storms can cause mass destruction and flooding!

Global warming bite-sized facts

Deforestation is another big factor of global warming. For example, trees and plants use CO2 to make oxygen, and when we cut them down, they release all that stored up CO2. Waste and trash also play a role. For instance, when we burn landfills they put chemicals into the air, and when we don't recycle paper, more trees are cut down.

It's not just the USA!

The whole world is being affected. For example, the Iberian peninsula has lakes that are shrinking, Iran has had major flooding problems, and Cape cod has had damaging storms.

The intense storms are flooding parts of the world and using precious water of others.
The glaciers are melting in some countries but causing flooding on some beaches

What you can do to help

I found all this information on the Nasa Climate Change website. My research has shown me that the world is ten times worse than I originally thought!
  • You can start carpooling
  • Convert to electric energy
  • Start recycling


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