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Reimagining the Catwalk

By Tafadzwa Ashely Gore, age 16 

Members of the human race

Catwalks wearing sustainable fabric were a catastrophic contradiction of everything the designer imagined.

The right clothes that flatter and last the years are far more environmentally sustainable than changing seasonally like fast fashion.

Figure, classic, trendy, flattering, feminine spoke from her garments. It was all about body positivity, of raising self-esteem and helping others to nurture their self-love in their clothes and natural environment. And on the runway, she had become a goddess that was really part of her, and at least the audience accepted the same energy.

When your clothes match your soul you will always be well dressed in the eyes of members of the human race.

When it comes to catwalks, members of the human race are blind to these new trendy collisions. Sabotaging the younger generation with fast fashion instead of sustainable fashion for that matter, ruins creativity in society.

Upon the catwalk, the soulless promotion of impossible images to a youth who was already under multiple brainwashing can seem impossible. The models on this sustainable fashion catwalk and runway are not about appearance, cheap, gender or age. But rather thoughts and emotions. Seeking a power-dominance relationship to society and nature; and in a special manner to members of the human race. 

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