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Climate Blogger Reviews the Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger Review EarthPlex has extensively discussed the Beyond Burger. We reviewed it and we analyzed its environmental impact . Now it’s Impossible’s turn. In this post, I will discuss my experience with the Impossible Burger in terms of taste. Stay tuned for future posts; we’ll compare it to the Beyond Burger and look into its environmental impact. (Get notified upon their releases with our [FREE] mailing list.)  Disclaimer: As I mentioned in my Beyond Burger Review, I’m not a food critic, and my culinary knowledge is quite limited. In case you’re new to EarthPlex, we’re the climate platform for teens that discusses environmental topics. I tried an Impossible Whopper and a burger made from Impossible “ground beef” with some added bread, an egg, ketchup, mustard, garlic powder, and pepper. Appearance  Before I get to the taste, let’s discuss the Impossible Burger’s appearance. It looked almost precisely like a burger to me, and somebody could have told me it wa

Responding to UN Climate Change Instagram Posts

Responding to UN Climate Change Instagram Posts This work appears in an official document of the United Nations published in the United States prior to 17 September 1987 “The mission and work of the United Nations are guided by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter,” The United Nations says on their website . They also have a popular Instagram page; in this post we will respond to posts on their climate change account, as this is a climate blog. “62% of European citizens would support a ban on short-distance flights to fight climate change.” Airplanes have a detrimental effect on our climate. They are the most convenient way of travel for long-distance flights, but unnecessary for short distance. Instead, governments should improve funding for efficient public transportation such as trains and buses. “‘What We’ve Seen Through This Pandemic Is That the Environment, When It Is Gi

The Mysterious Environmental Impact of Supreme

The Mysterious Environmental Impact of Supreme If you haven’t heard of Supreme, you may be intrigued to find out that a business with less than fifteen locations has taken the world by storm. Supreme is well placed in a market where exclusivity manipulates consumers’ decisions. They take a product, usually an article of clothing, and sell it at a marked up price. Supreme paraphernalia sells for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on the resale market.  But when it comes to their environmental impact, much is unknown. The company is private and secretive about their emissions. The lack of transparency means that they may have unethical practices that worsen the planet. Good On You, a website that rates clothing companies based on how ethical they are , recommends avoiding them because they don’t share their production practices.  If we were to try to estimate Supreme’s environmental impact, we would predict it to be relatively small compared to other clothing companies that re

Is Dark Mode Good for the Environment?

Is Dark Mode Good for the Environment? If you’ve visited our site before you may have noticed something different. We’ve turned off the lights and switched to dark mode! Aside from looking sick (in my opinion), it has environmental benefits. I always wondered: is dark mode good for the environment? Yes, by turning your phone in dark mode, you are playing a small role in slowing climate change . In case you're not aware of what dark mode is, it's when your device displays bright text over a dark background, as opposed to dark text on a light background. Think about a book with black pages and white text. Here’s why we switched to dark mode:  The two most popular display technologies for devices such as smartphones and personal computers are LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode). Backlights are required to light LCD displays, meaning that every pixel must turn on to use the device. OLED displays don’t require a backlight, and therefore, some pixels

Electric Scooters - When to Use Them and When Not to

Electric Scooters - When to Use Them and When Not to EarthPlex is guided towards teens; you must be eighteen years old to drive an electric scooter. However, electric scooters captivate me and maybe they interest you too. If they do, this is the write place to be (virtually speaking), and if you’re not old enough to drive an electric scooter, share this with somebody who is! Electric scooters seem like an ethical and eco-friendly method of navigating cities; you’ve likely seen them before. Because they require resources to manufacture and use electricity to charge, electric scooters are not always the most sustainable way to get around. Here’s when you should - and when you shouldn’t - use an electric scooter.  Use them if you would have… Driven  Driving a car requires fossil fuel emissions , and electric cars use more electricity than electric scooters. Electric scooters don’t emit fossil fuels while used, and therefore are more environmentally friendly than driving a car. Don’t us

Burger King’s Whopper With Cows That Fart Less - Explained

Burger King’s Whopper With Cows That Fart Less - Explained The Problem  Cows burp and fart methane, which is bad for the planet. The EPA claims that agriculture amounts to almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions; a portion of that comes from cattle digestion. How can people eat beef with a lower carbon footprint if cows’ burps and farts are killing the planet? Of course there are vegan options , but many consumers prefer real beef. Burger King’s solution That’s where Burger King’s new Whopper comes in. They claim that they can reduce emissions by more than 33% by using cows that burp and fart less. This way, consumers can feel better about their choices. How it works Burger King will add 100 grams of lemon grass to the diets of its cows. Lemon grass helps with digestion, so the cows will flatulate less. The chief marketing officer of Restaurant Brands International (Burger King’s parent company) told Business Insider that “without lemongrass, more methane is emitted primarily th

The 2020 Green Party Candidate - An Environmental Analysis

The 2020 Green Party Candidate - An Environmental Analysis Note: This post was written prior to the 2020 presidential election and remains unchanged. In the 2020 election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump seem to be the frontrunners. With all of the media attention surrounding them, you may be surprised to learn that there are other options. That’s where Howie Hawkins comes in. He’s the Green Party’s nominee. In case you don’t know what The Green Party is, they state that they are “an independent political party that is connected to American social movements, and is part of a global Green movement that shares key values, including our Four Pillars: Peace and Non-Violence, Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, and Social Justice, and our Ten Key Values .” Considering their name and mission, I would expect Hawkins to be passionate about the environment, so I researched his environmental beliefs, achievements, and plan for the country. We also analysed Donald Trump and Joe Biden . Disc

Joe Biden - An Environmental Analysis

Joe Biden - An Environmental Analysis  Note: This post was written prior to the 2020 presidential election and remains unchanged. Joe Biden served as Vice President of The United States from 2009 to 2017. He’s the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2020 election and will take on President Donald Trump. Previously, he worked as an attorney and a senator . With years of experience and strong performance in the polls, we decided to analyze Joe Biden’s environmental beliefs, policies, and achievements.  You can also read Donald Trump - An Environmental Analysis by clicking here. Disclaimer: EarthPlex will only judge presidential candidates based on their environmental policies. Even if the candidates have caused harm to the American people or economy, they will still receive our approval if they have strong environmental policies. A chievements Vox has an article inspecting Joe Biden’s past environmental experience . They claim that he “introduced the Global Climate Protection Act.

Donald Trump - An Environmental Analysis

Donald Trump - An Environmental Analysis Note: This post was written prior to the 2020 presidential election and remains unchanged. One of the most controversial American presidents of all time, Donald Trump’s first term in the White House began on January 20, 2017. He is running to serve a second term as president. If he wins the election scheduled for November third of 2020, his second term will begin on January 20, 2021. He isn’t the only contender, however, and his competition includes Joe Biden (Democratic Party), Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian Party), Howie Hawkins (Green Party), and maybe Kanye West. Because he is likely to serve a second term and is the current president, we decided to analyze his environmental beliefs, policies, and achievements. Disclaimer: EarthPlex will only judge presidential candidates based on their environmental policies. Even if the candidates have caused harm to the American people or economy, they will still receive our approval if they have strong en

Your Guide to Sustainable Driving

Your Guide to Sustainable Driving  It’s no secret that driving wastes gas and resources. Ideally, everybody would be using public transportation, but if I’ve learned anything in my lifetime, this is not an ideal world and that’s easier said than done. For those of you who want an eco-friendly car, this is your guide to sustainable driving . Little Cars Cars need a lot of energy to assemble. Smaller cars require fewer resources to manufacture and their production process is more sustainable. In addition, smaller cars require less fuel to power, so they’re sustainable on the road as well. SUVs have taken off in recent years, but if you don’t need to carpool (Carpooling is a method of sustainable transportation that deserves a post of its own. Get notified when we post about topics such as carpooling with our [FREE] mailing list.) an entire family, consider going smaller. Recently, I explored the impact minimalism has on the environment . Minimalists have a motto that fits well into this