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Our Planet Review


Our Planet Review, Netflix, Nature Documentary

Our Planet Review 

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Nature documentaries are quite boring for some, but for others, they showcase Earth's natural beauty. Narrated by David Attenborough, Netflix's Our Planet is arguably the greatest nature docuseries of all time. The series consists of eight episodes that take place in different biomes. One episode takes place in the high seas, and another takes place in the jungle.


My biggest complaint is that my TV is too small to capture the beauty of the cinematography. I am sure that Our Planet would look crisp on a 100 inch TV, but I am unable to test that out. Every episode of the series tells stories about the plants and animals that inhabit Earth. The show is also action-packed, as it showcases animals hunting for food (which is bolstered by intense music and David Attenborough's lovely narration).


I highly recommend watching Our Planet if you like nature and have a Netflix subscription. The 2019 series effectively exhibits the wonders of Earth's life. Contact us or comment below if you would like us to review a series related to climate change or the environment.

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